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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Peanut Tofu Sauce

I only had one block of tofu last night which had to be stretched to feed several people. Peanut butter came to my rescue. I mixed a few things together to come up with a peanut tofu sauce that went nicely over some linguine. I found it to be a very filling meal. In fact, I ate way too much of it and ended up rolling around in pain between my fellow Stargate Atlantis rerun-watchers, who were less than sympathetic. Still, it tasted good going down.

1 block – tofu, cubed
½ cup – chunky peanut butter
1 Tblsp each – toasted sesame oil, vegan Worcestershire sauce, vinegar, agave syrup, tamari, gomasio (toasted sesame seeds with salt)
2 small – tomatoes, chopped
1 small – cucumber, chopped
2 small – hot peppers, minced
Any leftover greens – chopped
1 cup – water, gradually
A pot of cooked linguine

Fry up the tofu in some olive oil with tamari. Realize there’s not enough to feed five people. Add the peanut butter and think of what else might make it taste better. Start throwing the other ingredients in. Wonder if cucumber would work in a cooked dish. Throw caution to the winds and try it out. Add water gradually and cook until you are ready to pour it over the linguine. Eat a moderate portion.

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