Vegan since 1975, I decide to answer the question, "What DO you eat?" These posts tell about some meals and recipes my family and I have enjoyed over the years.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blueberry Buckle

We went picking blueberries today, and tonight I made the second BLUEBERRY BUCKLE of the season, which went away as quickly as the first one did. It is a sweet dish somewhere between a cake and a pudding, with plenty of blueberries throughout, quick to make and quick, it seems, to eat.

Preheat oven to 375 degrees. Oil a rectangular baking dish. Have two cups of fresh blueberries handy.

Tofu Salad

No cooking at all is involved in making a TOFU SALAD, and it is useful for a dinner protein, a sandwich filling, or a dip for substantial chips.

Simply mash up a block or two of tofu with a potato masher or fork, add chopped green onion (two scallions or onion tops from the garden, or even a handful of chives) or a small red onion, chopped very small pieces of celery, three tablespoons of vinegar, one teaspoon of sweetener, a tablespoon of tamari, pepper or hot sauce to taste, a tablespoon of olive oil, and mix it all together.

You could grate up some carrot into it, add some nayonnaise or creamy miso dressing, add other seasonings if you wanted (chili powder or curry powder or mustard), or just leave it as is. It is akin to an egg salad sandwich, so you might like to add a little turmeric for a pleasing yellow color.

This on some good toasted bread or a bun with lettuce and maybe a pickle and mustard makes an easy light supper or lunch. You could also serve it with a green salad and noodle salad for a pleasant summer meal. Tomatoes could also be stuffed with it. It lasts several days in the refrigerator and travels well. Since it has no dairy or egg product in it, you don't have to worry about it turning on you in the course of a day.

Iced Tea Drink

A refreshing ICED TEA DRINK in the summer can be made in a gallon size glass jug and kept in the refrigerator. It never lasts more than a day in my house, but you might have fewer thirsty people. This is an alternative to buying expensive juice or using less natural alternatives, when someone is looking for something more interesting than water, which is always the best thirst quencher.

This summer at yard sales I found several gallon sized glass jugs with spigots down low and a plastic screw on lid on top that has a flap to lift to make the flow come out faster below. This makes it easier to access, though one of ours had a dripping problem, so we are just using a plain gallon jar with a pouring lid at top, now.

Fill the jar almost to the top with fresh spring, well or filtered water. Add three Celestial Seasonings Lemon Zinger tea bags. Cut a lemon in half, and cut off three thin rounds from the middle, adding them to the water. Juice the remaining two halves of the lemon, and add the juice to the water.

Lastly, sweeten to your taste. I have been using about three tablespoons of agave syrup, but you could use organic sugar or maple syrup.

Stir with a long spoon or whisk, then refrigerate until cold. The teabags don't take too long to flavor the water, and they turn it a pale pink.

Noodle Salad and Vegan Pesto

Chopped collards, carrots and green onion

I don't feel like cooking every night in the summer, but cold pasta dishes are quick and easy to prepare, and enough can be made ahead, in case the next day is even hotter, or if you are going on a picnic or to a potluck.

Cook up a bunch of noodles in as big a pan as you have, filled three quarters full with water and a sprinkle of salt. There are plenty of different varieties of pasta, so pick your favorite. I usually use the organic spiral rotini or the diagonally cut penne tubes, just because I buy it in bulk and have a lot around. You can find noodles made from whole grains or gluten free varieties, if you want them.