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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Curried Nuts

CURRIED NUTS are a simple vegan treat to make for a holiday party. In a heavy frying pan roast about two cups of whole raw almonds mixed with some cashews. 

My cashews were already roasted and were supposed to be salted, but someone seemed to have forgotten to put the salt on, so this seemed like a good use for them. As they roasted in the pan, to which I added a very small amount of olive oil, probably a half teaspoon, I added a sprinkle of curry powder, tamari and some nutritional yeast. 

Keep stirring them and trying an almond every now and then, until they seem roasted enough and before the spices get burned. I made my own curry powder and it had cayenne in it, so these nuts were hot. Your curry powder is probably different. I like the book The Spice Box for some good curry powder and garam masala recipes, as well as a lot of Indian food recipes. This is a quick way to have something special to bring or to serve to guests. Store them in a tin when they cool off. Mine all got eaten, so storage was no longer an issue.

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