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Friday, February 18, 2011

Vegan Sushi How to Make It Video

Last night I made some VEGAN SUSHI which isn't hard to do. Sushi means pickled rice and doesn't require any animal products.

I like this meal because it only uses two pans. The tofu can be fried in a cast iron pan, and the sushi rice can be cooked in a rice cooker with the vegetables steaming above it, or it can be cooked in a saucepan with the vegetables right on top of it. The vegetables will rise up to the top as the rice cooks, and then can just be pushed aside to access the rice when assembling the sushi.

My tofu, though extra firm, fell apart during cooking last night. This wasn't so bad, as it was hidden within the confines of the nori wrapper during assembly. I cooked the tofu strips, or in my case, pieces, in olive oil and seasoned it with tamari.

I forgot to use sushi rice, I realized later. I used white jasmine rice, which is a smaller, less sticky grain. It still worked, but if you use sushi rice you will have an easier time rolling up your sushi.

I used carrots, lacinata kale, scallions and avocado for my vegetables, the first two steaming over the rice, the second two sliced thinly.

To make this dish you will need a package of toasted nori sheets. You can find them in smaller portions than the size package I get, which contains fifty sheets. I try to buy mine when they are on sale, and I get them through my buying club. Or you could order them through Amazon. They will last a long time in a cupboard.

I used sliced pickled ginger and pickled umeboshi plum paste to season the sushi when I was rolling them up.
I made some wasabi paste with dry wasabi powder and water, and I added a slice of fresh ginger to some tamari, with these two items in little dipping bowls. All of these products should be available at larger supermarkets or health food stores, perhaps in the macrobiotic or natural foods section.

After the rice, vegetables and tofu were cooked, the fun of assembling the nori rolls (what we call sushi) begins. Check out my video above to see how to do that. Don't try to put too much of any one ingredient in, or you will end up with cumbersome rolls. My boys prefer the smaller rolls. I don't use a mat to roll the sushi, and it seems to work out fine.

One thing you will have to have on hand, though, is a very sharp knife, as anything less will not slice through the nori, and everything will fall apart.

I think I made about seven rolls of seven pieces each last night. All I ate were some of the ends as I went along, and I was full by the time I was finished. There were four of us eating these, and everyone seemed to think they got enough. This is one of my family's favorite meals, and you can design the rolls to suit the taste of your own.
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