Vegan since 1975, I decide to answer the question, "What DO you eat?" These posts tell about some meals and recipes my family and I have enjoyed over the years.


Friday, April 8, 2011

Birthday Breakfast in Bed

My fourteen year old twins made this breakfast and took a picture of it before serving it to me in bed this morning. Pancakes (leftover batter from yesterday featured some of the first trial of homemade soy yogurt, whole wheat pastry and unbleached flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, vanilla, cinnamon and some water) with applesauce and agave syrup. Scrambled tofu with homemade sourdough toast with Organic Smart Balance spread and Eileen's Fuchsia Pickled Onions. Orange pieces, orange juice. Good job, boys!


  1. I'm getting hungry just looking at it! But how are people supposed to recreate it without any directions?

  2. Well, they could look back in the More Recipes section for the scrambled tofu, sourdough bread and pickled onion recipes, and I guess I need to post a vegan pancake recipe sometime. The trouble is, I never measure when I'm making them...