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Thursday, April 21, 2011

It's Lovely Bread Pudding Again

When you've got some stale bread or bread ends stashed in the freezer for future use, a good use of it is to make BREAD PUDDING. We had some last night for dessert, but it is also a yummy snack on a cold day.

4-6 cups--stale bread, broken into pieces
1 quart--soy milk
1/2 cup--raisins
1/2 cup--sunflower oil
1/3 cup--Sucanat
1 1/2 teaspoons--cinnamon
1 teaspoon--vanilla
drizzles of--oil and maple syrup or sugar

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

In a stout casserole dish, tear up a bunch of bread into varied smallish pieces until the dish is about three fourths full, about four to six cups of bread.

Add in a third cup of sugar or Sucanat, one and a half teaspoons of cinnamon, half a cup of raisins, a teaspoon of vanilla and a half cup of sunflower oil. Stir that all together.

Pour a quart of soy milk over the seasoned bread. Drizzle the top with a little more oil and some maple syrup, if you have any, or just a sprinkle of more sugar.

Bake it for an hour and fifteen minutes, or until it is hot all the way through.

Serve it with some frozen vanilla Soydream or Soydelicious, or something along those lines. This recipe could easily be made with gluten free bread and rice milk, and Ricedream, if you would prefer.

My oldest son asked me for bread pudding two days ago, but first I forgot and turned the bread he took out of the freezer into garlic toast, then yesterday I made croutons with the next batch of bread he left out for me. We finally found an old bag of bread ends in the back of the freezer, so he finally got his wish for dessert last night.

By the way, I am going to start making last year's recipes again and adding photos to the posts that didn't have them before, so I'll mention that here when I do. Last night we had Lucy's White Bean Soup, Salad and Croutons. Look back at February 2010's post for those recipes.

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