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Monday, May 28, 2012

Peanut Noodle Salad

I needed a lot of NOODLE SALAD for a picnic party and had already made potato salad. I wanted something that tasted different. I had cooked up a lot of spiral noodles the day before and refrigerated them. There was a gallon and a half of them, waiting to be doctored. Somehow I got it in my mind to make a sort of PEANUT NOODLE SALAD with a Thai theme. 

In a big bowl mix the following ingredients:

3 Tbl.—crunchy peanut butter
¼ cup – toasted sesame oil
¼ cup – rice vinegar
¼ cup – olive oil
1 Tbl. – tamari
1 tsp. – agave syrup
1 tsp. – Harry’s Habenero hot sauce
2 inch piece – peeled and grated fresh ginger (remove the hairy bits)
1 clove – fresh garlic
Small handful – fresh cilantro, chopped
½ cup – raisins
1 carrot – grated

Stir in approximately twenty-four cups of the cooked rotini or spiral noodles, or try some other pasta, if that’s all you have. This tasted good enough that I was asked a couple of times what was in it. Luckily, I had written down what I was throwing in the bowl. You can save any leftover marinade in a jar for a week or so to use for another batch, if you don’t have a huge pan to cook up as many noodles all at once, like I did. Noodle salad, hot weather and easy dinners go very nicely in the summer.

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